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: Quilty's name: The Poetry of Being Quilty
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> Brian Boyd's comments on Quilty are all very well, but he does not address
> points:
> 1) Is Quilty a pseudonym?
> 2) If it is, is it Humbert's pseudonym or John Ray Jr. Ph.D.'s pseudonym
> the playwright?
> 3) If it is a pseudonym, how can Mona Dahl write "qu'il t'y"?
> 4) John Ray Jr. Ph. D. indicates that "Vivian Darkbloom" is a pseudonym.
> Therefore, presumably, "Quilty" is too. For what would be the point of
> pseudonymising the author of an unpseudonymised playwright?
> This is somehow stranger, or more confused/confusing than the man in the
> macintosh in "Ulysses", who Nabokov was convinced was Joyce.
> Anthony Stadlen