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Fw: Re: Sundry]

Dear Phil,
Nah, not ours--who is the beauteous, sharp, and charming Ellen Pifer. I don't know the Arthur book. Let me know about the EW-VN feud. I am reveling in the Furst books. One left.
Holiday greetings to you and yours.
Best, Don & Sheila

After hearing it on NPR, I checked onto to buy an album by Bryn Terfel and found that an Ellen Pfeiffer is the classical music consultant for this Boston station. Is that "our" Ellen Pfeiffer? The album, by the way, is terrific. Incidentally, I ordered yesterday a book, Literary Feuds, by Anthony Arthur, after reading about it somewhere. The Nabokov/Wilson Onegin dispute is chronicled there, among others. I'll let you know how it is.

How are you doing with Furst?

Best to you and Sheila. Have a good holiday.