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Re: Reading Suggestions, Please (fwd)
From: Robert Aguirre <>

Some of my favorites:

Pynchon, Gravity¹s Rainbow
Reed, Mumbo Jumbo
Ellis, American Psycho
Coover, The Public Burning
Barth, The Floating Opera
Palahniuk, Fight Club
Morrison, Paradise
Doctorow, The Book of Daniel
Heller, Catch-22
Kesey, Once Flew Over the Cuckoo¹s Nest
Miller, Tropic of Cancer

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> Subject: Reading Suggestions, Please (fwd)
> From: Basil Lawrence <hhumbert@HOTMAIL.COM>
> hi,
> I have read as much nabokov as i have been able to lay my hands on
> (novels, poems & problems incl. translations of pushkin, lermontov and
> tyutchev, lectures incl. _ulysses_, letters, short stories, translations
> incl. _a hero of our time_, as much of _eugene onegin_ + notes as i could
> muster); i've read and enjoyed joyce's _ulysses_ (some short stories);
> almost all of saul bellow; and, everything I can find by martin amis.
> my dilemma: who else is worth reading? am i doomed (but nevertheless
> delighted) to reread the greats from now on?
> suggestions, please (no victorians).
> note: i asked martin amis to recommend an author at a lecture/book-
> signing, and he mentioned don delillo. try as i might, delillo's not my
> cup of tea, unfortunately...
> regards,
> basil lawrence
> gentle reader