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Re: Query about Passages from Nabokov (fwd)
From: Mary Krimmel <>

This sounds like an ideal teaching technique; I agree that Nabokov is the
ideal writer for the purpose. Another possibility is Aleksander Hemon, the
immigrant from Bosnia who writes in English. (The Question of Bruno, et
al.). I'll look for a passage to suggest.

Please look at Nabokov's poem about the refrigerator. I think the title is
The Refrigerator. Surely you will harvest other suggestions here.


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>From: Vladimir Mylnikov <>
> From Megan Lee:
>As a teacher of English as a Second Language, I
>suggest that students aquire a sense of the beauty of
>the language by reading short passages of literature
>and poetry. There is a point in the language-learning
>process when students become weary with textbook
>English. At this low-to-middle intermediate level I
>introduce the best representations of English I can
>find that are manageable for their vocabulary
>limitations. I'm specifically looking for a passage
>that would not be overly difficult for E.S.L.
>students, (although a glossary will be studied with
>the passage), that demonstrates excellency of writing.
> Nabokov switched languages mid-career and wrote
>in English with far more beauty, skill and interest
>than native writers. I think he is the ideal writer
>to introduce to new immigrants. My query to the list
>members is:
>What short passage (or poem) would you suggest for
>these students? The length should be about a half to
>one page.
>Thank you for your suggestions - Megan