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VN Bibliography: Maria Malikova NABOKOV: Avto-bio-grafiia (fwd)
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EDITOR's NOTE. Mariia Malikova, the author of the item below, is one of
the excellent team of younger Russian Nabokovians who provided the copious
annotations to the ten-volume Symposium edition of VN works. She is also the
editor-compiler of V. NABOKOV. STIXOTVORENIJA. (St.. Petersburg:
Akademicheskii Pro"ekt, 2002) in the "Novaia Biblioteka Poeta" series.

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> Maria Malikova "V.Nabokov. Avto-bio-graphia", published by
> "Akademicheskii Projekt", St. Petersburg, 2002, in Russian, 234 pages,
> paperback. ISBN 5-7331-0270-5. The book gives an analysis of Nabokov's
> autobiograpic writings.

> Condition: new.
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