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[Fwd: New York Review of Books article is out]
EDITOR's NOTE. Kurt Johnson is the co-author with Steve Coates of
NABOKOV'S BLUES: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary
Genius--soon-to-be (if not already) out in paperback.
"Johnson, Kurt" wrote:

> Just got an advance copy of the New York Review of Books article. It
> IS on all four books of the centenary, contrary to what I had been
> told before (which contradicted what I had been told before...). It's
> by Michael Wood and treats, in this order, Dear Bunny....,Nabokov's
> Blues....., Nabokov's Butterflies....., and Vera.
> Obviously people will find it of interest. I don't know how soon an
> electronic copy will be available or through where.