NABOKV-L post 0006007, Thu, 7 Jun 2001 10:19:17 -0700

Re: Cyber edition of Brian Boyd's expanded _Nabokov's ADA_
>From Mary Bellino (

Prospective purchasers of the new edition of _Nabokov's ADA_ should be
aware that it isn't a book -- not yet anyways. The Cybereditions site
offers a choice of HTML or PDF -- that is, what you are getting is an
electronic version of the text for viewing or printing on your computer
(in the case of the html version, you would read it with your web
browser; for the PDF, with Adobe Acrobat Reader). They do add that
hard-copy paperback versions "produced by modern digital printing
technology" (naturlich) will "soon be available" -- these most likely
are print-on-demand copies that will be printed as individual orders are
received. I would expect them to cost more than the $17.95 charged for
the e-version, but maybe not.

This is a new method of making short-run scholarly (and other) books
available at minimum cost to both publisher and consumer.