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That copy of VN's Ania v stranie chudes went for GBP 6,462 (USD 8918) ...

Manfred Voss

From Sotheby's online catalog:

Lewis Carroll's Alice: The Photographs, Books, Papers and Personal
Effects of Alice Liddell and Her Family, Sold by Order of The Trustees of
the Alice Settlement

Sale L01912 , 6-Jun-2001

lot 122

Nabokov, Vladimir-[Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge] "Lewis Carroll". ania v stranie
chudes [in cyrillic]. Berlin: Izdatel'stov Gamayun, 1923

8vo, translated by V. Sirin [vladimir nabokov], 12 illustrations and cover
design by S.V. Zalshupin, original pictorial boards, slightly soiled, spine
very rare, and a landmark in the art of translation.
Vladimir Nabokov began this translation while still an undergraduate at
Cambridge. It was published when he was 24 in Berlin, a year before the
appearance of his first short story. It is one of the most sympathetic and
imaginative of all of the translations of Lewis Carroll's work. This, coupled
with Zalshupin's Constructivist illustrations, make it one of the more
interesting foreign language editions. Nabokov was greatly influenced by the
Alice books and their radical use of language. His second novel King, Queen,
Knave was published in 1928; his third, The Defense, was based around chess
and its problems (1930); Invitation to a Beheading followed in 1935. His
masterpiece, of course, was Lolita (1955).
References: Lovett 793; Morgan/Houghton p.132; Michael Juliar, Vladimir
Nabokov: A Descriptive Bibliography (New York, 1986), A7.1 (variant a)

3,000 GBP - 4,000 GBP
US $4,320 - US $5,760
Selling Price: 6,462 GBP