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>This message was originally submitted by alexanderstill@HOTMAIL.COM to the
>NABOKV-L list at LISTSERV.UCSB.EDU. Does anyone out there know of any
>links between Vn and herge ( 'tintin' )?

I read Herge's biography not long ago, and don't recall any links at
Some similarities and some dissimilarities -- Herge apparently was not
very happy, and I'd say VN was -- but nothing in the 'real' world. Don't
have the timeline handy, but suspect Calculus affair predated VN at
Geneva. Herge almost seems a VN character in embryo (more along the
of Luzhin, I'm afraid, than anyone else).

incidentally, i've got a tintin site filed under 'literature' in my
web-bookmark classification, where it sits next to a paul celan web
says something about my approach to the arts, i guess.

Calculus Affair (l'affaire Tournesol) came out in 1956. Did VN visit
Geneva much before he moved there permanently?

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