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VN Bibliography: D. Barton Johnson
D. Barton Johnson, "Nabokov and Britsh Literature: Rupert Brooke and
Walter de la Mare," Revue des etudes slaves (Paris, LXXII/3-4, p.
Reprints available in request.

The same issue of ZVEZDA contains three linked sonnets on the
Petersburg theme by Nabokov published in 1924. Introduced by Svetlana
Pol'skaya. p. 189-90.

D. Barton Johnson, "Strannye sosedi: Ayn Rand i Vladimir Nabokov"
ZVEZDA, #4, 2001, pp. 194-203. A Russian translation of "Strange
bedfellows: Ayn Rand and Vladimir Nabokov" in _The Journal of Ayn Rand
Studies_, pp. 47-68.