Vladimir Nabokov

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Photos in SPEAK, Memory
This is where the hidden marks of an editor's labour suddenly shine out:
German version of Speak, Memory (ed. and transl. by Dieter E. Zimmer)
silently corrected this error (cf. p. 170).

Jan Stottmeister

> Continuing my way through Sp,M, I notice an oddity. In my 1966 hardback
> opposite p. 128 there is a photo of VN's father and mother on the terrace
> of Vyra in 1900. The photo caption ends "The birches and firs of the park
> behind my parents belong to the same backdrop as the foliage of the
> photograph facing p. 192."
> In fact the photo facing p. 192 is of VN's mother and her brother (VN's
> "Uncle Ruka") sitting on a bench on the terrace of his chateau in the
> Pyrenees in 1913. The background is French scrub (what, I assume, is called
> 'maquis'). So the foliage in the photo is NOT the same as that of the first
> picture.
> I suspect that VN intended to refer to the photo facing 160 showing his
> family sitting in the garden at Vyra a couple of large trees just in back
> of the figures and several others in the obscure background. The large tree
> to the right certainly appears to be a birch and perhaps the one on the
> left as well.
> I note that the Library of America edition (vol. I) duplicates the apparent
> error: pages 441, 528, & 472. I have not checked the newest separate
> edition which includes the earlier omitted XVIth chapter.
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