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Re: Brodsky's Translation of a Nabokov Poem "Demon"

Yuri Leving, one of the very able commentators on the materials in the
Russian Symposium edition of VN's collected work, remarks that the same
Bouilhet poem draws VN's fire in the 1933 story "The Admiralty Needle."
In glancing at the story just now, I notice that VN mentions several of
the poeticles he later dismisses in _Sp. M._ Leving adds a good bit of
biographical detail on Bouilhet.

From Yuri Leving:

I just would like to add concerning your recent note on Louis
Bouilhet's piece "A Une Femme": it is also mentioned in "Admiralteiskaia
igla" and I wrote about
it in my commentaries to the story in the 3rd Volume (Pp. 814-815) of
Simposium collection (I even tried to translate a passage on a
guitar into Russian).