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Nabokov in Harvard Magazine (fwd)
From: "Johnson, Kurt" <>

Harvard Magazine, July/August Sept. features a five page color article "A
Life with Lycaenids-- Naomi Pierce goes Beyond Nabokov". pp. 42-46.

Naomi is heading up/working with me and other "blues brothers" on the DNA
analysis of Nabokov's Blues. The article in Harvard magazine, which
features color photos of the Harvard Museum exhibit a bunch of us visited at
the Cambridge ALA meetings, describes Naomi's scientific odyssey, her
specialty in the biology of Nabokov's Blues and other lycaenids (for which
she accrued a MacArthur "genius" grant). It mentions that Naomi follows in
the footsteps of Nabokov as one of the MCZ's historical curators of
lepidoptera and carries on the august tradition of his interest in blues by
her heading up this effort to study their evolution by DNA sequencing.
Naomi's other cup of tea re world class expertise is the "myrmecophily" of
lycaenids...their relationship with ants.

Re Nabokov's Blues I should also note I am just editing a paper which will
appear soon with more new species of Nabokov's Blues from South America.

Congratulations Naomi! Congratulations VN-- in the spirit of everyone's
recent interest in Dieter Zimmer's wonderful new book, note of Nabokov's
lepidoptery (as in this Harvard magazine) continues.