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Re: Ada "I hold this to be pretty clear" (fwd)
From Brian Boyd, University of Auckland:

In answer to Ross Chambers' query:

"l1.2.20" designates "o" (line 1, letter 2: "hOw vainly men themselves
amaze") and "v" (line1, letter 20: "how vainly men themselVes amaze").

"l2.8" designates "e": "to win thE palm, the oak, or bays"

With the already deciphered "l", this yields "love." I hold this to be
pretty clear, although it's also true that Van has introduced without
explanation the rule that you can have two successive letters from the same
line run into the same entry by not repeating the line number and separating
the two letter numbers only by a period.

Note that these are the two lines Ada quotes in a French translation in I.10
(65.11-12), prompting Van to quote triumphantly the original of the second
line (in the original spelling, to boot), "to win the Palm, the Oke, or
Bayes," thereby establishing that both future codesters know the text by

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Subject: Ada "I hold this to be pretty clear" (fwd)

From: Ross Chambers <>

I'm sure it's clear, but I can't work it out!

On page 161 of the Weidenfield edn. of "Ada", Marvell's "The Garden" is
the key text to a simple cypher used by Van and Ada.

While I do find the first letter of "love" l2.11 "l" "pretty clear", I
can't follow the other 2 (?) letters: l1.2.20 and l2.8.

I would appreciate what may be a statement of the obvious.

kind regards - Ross Chambers