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Re: VN vs. VV? (fwd)
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I discuss a related issue--Nabokov's use of alter egos to stage mock biographies of himself--in an article entitled "Playing Nabokov: Performances by Himself and Others" in Studies in Twentieth Cuntry Literature 22.2 (1998): 295-318. Dean Flower's "Nabokov's Personae" in Hudson Review 38 (1986): 147-56 and James Morrison's "Nabokov's Third-Person Selves" in Philological Quarterly 71.4 (1992): 495-509 might also be useful.

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I am not sure this is precisely what you are looking for but you may be
interested in a recent paper by Alexander Dolinin about Nabokov's
nominal anagrams. The article, in Russian, can be found in the Proceedings
of the Tallinn-Tartu 1999 conference on Nabokov -- KUL'TURA RUSSKOI
DIASPORY: VLADIMIR NABOKOV - 100, ed. Belobrovtseva, Danilevskii, Utgoff,
Mironov (Tallinn: TPU Kirjastus, 2000), 99-107. GD

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> From: "Morris, John" <>
> I'm looking for any material that discusses Nabokov's use of distorted or
> inverted alter egos in the later books, e.g., Van Veen in Ada, Vadim
> Vadimovich in Harlequins. Does anyone know of any criticism devoted
> specifically to this theme, or any more inclusive work that says something
> valuable on the subject? Many thanks.
> J. Morris