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Re: Yan, Yonny, and Angeling query (fwd)
From: Stephen Anderson <>

Well, it would seem to connect the Shadows with the Masons, who have also been
the subject of various paranoid fantasies. The basic legend of Masonry is
that of Hiram Abiff, builder of the Temple of Solomon, who was murdered by his
3 assistants, Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum. See, for example,
Hope this helps.

Incidentally, I think that this entry in the Index is part of the genealogy
puzzle. Has anyone out there solved that one?

Steve A.

Galya Diment wrote:

> From: Robert Mills <rmills@PEDAGOGUE.COM>
> ...Yan, Yonny, and Angeling... ("Pale Fire", index)
> I have been fretting over this reference to the three apprentices of the
> master builder for quite a while. If someone could supply a hint, answer,
> or theory, I would be most grateful (even if it's something obvious that I
> should have thought of myself).
> Thanks.