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New Nabokov publications: Hasin, Kurganov,
Staroe Literaturnoe obozrenie (fwd)
From: Donald B. Johnson <>

EDITOR'S NOTE. Please contact Nina Razrygina for order information. The Staroe
Literaturnoe Obozrenie item (224 pp) is a compiliation of three special issues
of the journal with groups of essays on Nabokov (18), Okudzhava (16), Milosz
(17). The Nabokov portion was originally edited by Olga Skonechnaya and
contained many important essays.

Dear Nabokovians,

If you are interested in the following below editions, please, contact
Nina Razrygina (

Gregorii Hasin "Teatr Lichnoi Tainy" ("Theatre of Personal Secret"),
subtitled "Russian Novels by Vladimir Nabokov, published by "Letnii Sad",
Moscow-St. Petersburg, 2001, in Russian, 188 pages, paperback.
ISBN 5-94381-012-9. A scientific and publicistic edition; a phylosophical
approach to Nabokov literature.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 15US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

Staroe Literaturnoe Obozrenie (Old Literature Review), #1, 2001,
published in Moscow, in Russian, 224 pages, paperback, 26x20,5 cm
in size, illustrated.
The first section of the issue (93 pages) is subtitled
"Vladimir Nabokov at the end of the Century" and contains 18 articles
devoted to VVN.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 20US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

Ephim Kurganov "Lolita i Ada" published by publishing house of
Zvezda magazine, St. Petesburg, 2001, in Russian, hard cover,
dust jacket, pocket size, about 100 pages. ISBN 5-94214-008-1.
Study of Old Testament contexts of Nabokov novels.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 16US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

Best regards, Nina Razygrina.

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