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VN bibliography: VN/Grinburg correspondence (fwd)
From: D. Barton Johnson <>

ALLOI, VALDIMIR (ed.), Diaspora I. Novye materialy. /Paris/St.P.
<Feniks> 2001/, pp. 752, ill. $27.
Russian poets and writers in Paris in 1930s-40s:Azadovski's memoirs of
Odessa life in early 1900s; Boris Frezinski's essay on the two Ehrenberg
cousins in Paris in 1935; autobiography of Alek. Danilevskii; Voloshin
in Paris; correspondence of Teffi and Vera Bunin, 1920-39; Osorgin's
letters to Poliakov , 1940-1942; letters of Nabokov with Grinberg,
1942-67, etc.