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The LOLITA theme in Brazi
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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 13:08:03 +0100
From: Jansy Berndt de Souza Mello <>

One of our important TV- channels has been featuring a TV-series ( I
lack the proper vocabulary for the events on TV) offering a story about
the love between an older man and a young girl, as written by a Portuguese
or Brazilian author and written years before the publication of Nabokov´s
Lolita. Soon various magazines and newspapers began offering stories
about "nymphets", chronologies about various "Lolitas" and sometimes a
review about Nabokov.

Yesterday a particularly nasty one appeared in " Bravo! ", but the
text is in Portuguese. You can reach it in this
month, in a section called "ensaio" marked at the left of the magazine´s page.

The ressurgence of this "nymphet" theme has been a Nabokovian
coincidence, in my case. A few months ago I was invited to comment on
Lyne´s "Lolita" movie for a small group of movie-lovers and freudians and busied
myself re-reading my favorite novels and doing a little research on

I´ve written an article ( also in Portuguese ), in preparation for this
encounter and it has been on-line at . It´s
title is " Freudians Keep Out " and Gradiva is an on-line magazine
organized by one of Rio de Janeiro´s psychoanalytic societies.

You may have already gathered by now that I´m no writer, poet or,
linguist but a Brazilian psychoanalyst, member of the IPA. I´ll see if I
can pass some of the texts about Nabokov or Lolita that have been on the
news by scanning the images, if you should be interested in acquainting
yourself with these articles and "former Lolita" texts ( or Gestalts, at
least) .