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VN Bibliography: Barabtarlo trans. of English stories

Here is a bit of bibliographic information that may be hard to
obtain. My translations of VN's short stories came out in August in
Pbg (Amphora), under the title Byl' i ubyl' (more or less equal Time
and Ebb), 304 pp. It consists of an essay by me, 14 stories (VN's
Dozen + The Vane Sisters, i.e. 5 original Russian stories and 9
translated by me, thus all his English stories), with my brief
commentaries. Vesna v Fialte has variant English readings translated
by me in footnotes. It is uncommonly elegantly printed, and apparently can
be obtained from many places (a 5000 run) - they list "internet magazine at"
and email

Gennady Barabtarlo
451 GCB University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
573-882-9454 Fax 573-884-8456