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Cynthia Vane lovated in Lemony Snicket (fwd)
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From: Mark E. Mc Laughlin <>

It may interest you guys to know that the new Lemony Snicket book is out.
In case you don't know, Mr. Snicket researches and writes about the
Baudelaire orphans. They, of course, are constantly being pursued by the
notorious and nefarious Count Olaf. In the new book, the eighth in "A
Series of Unfortunate Events", they end up being volunteers in a hostile
hospital. Among the patients in this hospital are - Cynthia Vane, suffering
from a terrible tooth-ache, and Emma Bovary (food poisoning). In chapter
ten, Mr. Snicket mentions "a good friend of mine named Mr. Sirin". Anyway,
they are meant to be children's books, and if any of you happen to have
children, or even if you don't, they are great fun books.

With all due respect,
Mark E. Mc Laughlin