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Vn & Perversion
> Dear Liana Ashendon
> You mentioned an undergraduate´s work about Nabokov and Perversion.
> I´ve been working with Nabokov´s novels and texts, but concentrating on the
> Lolita movies and, as a psychoanalyst, I´ve also been investigating a
> certain kind of stereotyped relationship established bt.VN and perversion.
> My article " Freudians Keep Out", where a little about
> this matter is broached upon, was written in Portuguese. If you think that
> my e-mail address could be of use to this undergraduate student, feel free
> to give it to her. The only specifically psychoanalytic text that I´ve used
> so far "Nabokov and Freud" (1988) ,by Geoffrey Green, is very careful to
> avoid labels. Ellen Pifer has
> written about Nabokov and Perversion, but I don´t have her article by me
> now.
> > > Best wishes, Jansy Mello
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