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Query: VN poem "Laughter"? (fwd)
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Subject: Query: VN poem "Laughter"?

EDITOR's NOTE. I don't recall a poem that fits this description. If
anyone out there does, please let us know.

My name is Kalin Siegwald. For the past week I have been on a search
for a poem called "Laughter" (not "Laughter in the Dark"), by Nabokov.
I found this poem last year, and this year in my poetry class I have
been asked to select a poem which will be the subject of my next paper.
I would like to use this poem, but i have not been able to find it
anywhere. It is a poem that uses wonderful imagery about a bee
collapsing in laughter over the navel of a sunflower. If you know the
poem I am speaking of please let me know.

Thank you,