NABOKV-L post 0006189, Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:29:56 -0800

[Fwd: Elections for the Vice President of the IVNS]

To: The Members of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society
From: Galya Diment <>/IVNS President

Just in time for the national elections all over the country, the
International Vladimir Nabokov Society would like to call our very own.
The time is fast approaching when the current terms of both the IVNS
President (i.e. me) and Vice President (Charles Nicol) are to expire.
Charles will assume the duties of the President as of January 1, and we
need to elect a new Vice President of the Society. We have two excellent
candidates, both accomplished Nabokov scholars, who have agreed to be
considered for the job -- Priscilla Meyer and Maxim Shrayer. To learn
about them and their qualifications for this august position, please
their web pages:

For Priscilla Meyer:

Nabokov web site:

Home page:

For Maxim Shrayer:

Only members of the Society can vote (if you want to join the
Society in order to vote, that's fine with us too! :-) Please send your
vote DIRECTLY TO ME ( by next Wednesday, November
7 (the date was chosen, I can assure you, NOT because of its former
historical significance...).


Galya Diment, President
International Vladimir Nabokov Society