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Nabokov bibliography: Nabokov VOA Interview, 1958
Maxim Shrayer presents (and translates) the short text of a 1958
interview VN did with the Russian Service of VOA. In AGNI (#54, pp.
110-114, Boston). The interview consists of brief factual biographical
statements and a longer reading from Drugie berega's (Speak, Memory's)
famed butterfly chase from Vyra to Estes Peak. Of note is his comment
on LOLITA (which had just come out in the U.S., ..."It is my favorite
book. It is the story of a poor charming girl..... Of PNIN, he writes
"Pnin is an emigre with a copper bald spot and a touching, tender
soul--all of it suffused with the best Russian culture has to offer;
lost on a shaved lawn in an alien environment amid the 'three pines' of
American daily living."