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vnbibliography: A. Ledenev & T. Belova
EDITOR's NOTE. Since running the notice about the articles below, I
have read them. The first is quite interesting. Ledenev's "Rhythmic
'Disruption' as a Marker of Allusion in Nabokov's LOLITA" examines
parallel disruptions in the Eng. vs Russ. translation and note shows VN
uses them to call attention to distinctively different cultural
allusions. While Poe (& Virginia) serve as markers of the Lo-Hum
relationshipfor English readers, the Russ translation foregrounds Lewis
Carroll-Alice--a text perhaps more familiar to Russian readers than Poe.
In several cases, the changes in Russian text clarify or amplify
subtexts in the original. The second article "Nabokov and Hemingway" is
a typological comparision of selected writings (especially the Nick
Adams things). The asserted similarities are, in my view, far too broad
to be of significance and in some cases dubious, e.g. the importance of
dialogue in the two writers. To me, their use of dialogue is sharply
_Lednev A._ Ritmicheskii "sboi" kak marker alliuzii v romane V. Nabokova

"Lolita" // Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Ser. 9. Filologiia. 1999.
2. S. 47-54.

_Belova T._ V. Nabokov i E. Heminguei <Hemingway> (osobennosti poetiki i

mirooshchushcheniia) // Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Ser. 9.
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