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Re: Spelling of Anna Karenina
EDITOR's NOTE. In response to the below, I checked both the 1st edition
of PNIN and the Library of America edition, now the most authoritative
source. While it is true VN objected to the -A forms of "Karenin" (in
English usage), he used or OK'ed "Karenina" for PNIN. I thin someelse
has remarked that "Consistency is the bugaboo of small minds."

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>This is by all means a small bit of trivia but I am curious if the spelling
>_Anna Karenina_ on page 87 of my Penguin edition of _Pnin_ (Chapter 4,
>Section 8) is a typo. There, Pnin tells Victor that the first description of tennis in Russia is given by Tolstoy. I have always had an idea that Nabokov strongly preferred masculine form _Anna Karenin_
>Thank you.