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> From: Galya Diment
> I suspect it's more mundane than that. Chapter 4 appeared in the New
> Yorker (Victor Meets Pnin, October 15, 1955) and the editor (I believe it
> was still Katharine White before she retired as fiction editor that year)
> must have changed it to the version of the title American readers would
> have been most accustomed to. Chapter 5, on the other hand, was rejected
> by the New Yorker (mostly because it was too "Russian") and thus a similar
> editorial interference didn't take place there. As Nabokov was putting the

The Penguin edition that I have reads Karenina in Chapter 5 as well. I
wonder about other editions to which I don't have access...

- Sergei

> manuscript together he did change minor things in Chapter 4 but probably
> overlooked the occurrence of _Anna Karenina_ there.
> Galya Diment