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[Fwd: Dmitri Nabokov on a report of his own death]

EDITOR's NOTE. Dmitri Nabokov's remarks at the end of the posting are
followed by a Russian translation. Mozhno chitat' zamechaniia DNa v
kontse pis'ma v russkom perevode.

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Subject: Dmitri Nabokov
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:36:51 -0800
From: "D. Barton Johnson" <>

NABOKV-L subscribers Rita Meklin and Stan Milkowsky informed me
yesterday that a book review in the weekly literary supplement Ex
Libris of the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya gazeta (November 29, 2001
) had, in passing, referred to the death last summer of Dmitri Nabokov.

The review article is titled:.

???????????? ????????? ???????? ???????? ????? ???????????? ????"
?????? ??????? (The Classic Biography of Nabokov puts an end to the
Nabokov Myth")

????? ????. ???????? ???????. ??????? ????: ?????????. ???. ? ????.
?.???????. - ?.: ???????????? "??????????? ??????"; ???.: ?????????,
2001, 695 ?. (VN. The Russian Years)

(Interested readers will find the full Russian text of Shul'man's
review at:

In his highly favorable review of the Russian translation of Brian
Boyd's Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years, literary critic Mikhail
Shul'man, author of the idiosyncratic 1998 Nabokov , pisatel', rejoices
that Russian readers at last have access to Boyd's ten-year-old work and
will no longer have to depend on domestic products that provide an
underinformed and badly distorted view of Nabokov. The reviewer's
pleasure is alloyed only by the fact that Dmitri Nabokov "who died last
summer" did not live long enough to see the long-delayed publication of
the book. The relevant Russian text reads:

"O???? ????, ??? ??? ???? ??? ??????????. ????, ??? ????? ?? ??????
???????????? ????? ??????? ???????"

INFORMED of his demise, Dmitri Nabokov

> "has asked NABOKV-L to inform all parties that he would like to quote
> the famous American author, Mark Twain, after he saw the report of his
> death by reading his obituary in the 'NEW JOURNAL'. DN reacted thus:
> "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."
> DN also asked NABOKV-L to report "that he is very much alive and is
> busy writing his own biography. DN can not personally answer as he is
> hurrying to get this final item (reports of his death) in the book.
> DN would, he admits, like to know the circumstances of his death."
> --------------------------------------------------
>Russian Translation:
>Kogda ego opovestili o ego konchine, Dmitri Nabokov poprosil Nabokv-L
>soobshchit' vsem zainteresovannym litsam, chto on khotel by protsetirovat'
>izvestnogo amerikanskogo pisatel', Marka Tvena, kogda tot uvidel
>zametku o svoei smerti sregi nekrologov v "New Journal." Tak chto
>reaktsiia DN: "Soobshcheniia o moei smerti znachitel'no preuvelicheny."
>DN poprosil Nabokv-L opublikovat' "chto on ochen' dazhe zhiv i v
>nastoiashchii moment zaniat rabotoi nad svoei biografiei. DN ne mozhet
>otvetit' sam, poskol'ku on speshit pomestit' v nee etu posledniuiu detal'
>(t.e. soobshcheniie o ego konchine). DN priznaetsia, chto emu bylo by
>ochen' interesno uznat' obstoiatel'stva ego smerti."
>Translation by Galya Diment, Professor & Acting Chair
>Slavic Languages and Literatures
>University of Washington, Box 353580
>Seattle, WA 98195-3580