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Table of Contents for NABOKOV STUDIES #6
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Editor's Introduction




David Andrews
Varieties of Determinism: Nabokov among Rorty, Freud, and Sartre

Elena Sommers
The "Right" versus the "Wrong" Child: Shades of Pain in Bend Sinister and

David Galef
Nabokov in Fat City

Marina von Hirsch
The Presence of Nabokov in Bitov's Ficion: Bitov and Nabokov, Bitov on
Nabokov, Nabokov in Bitov

Savely Senderovich and Yelena Shvartz
The Juice of Three Oranges: An Exploration of Nabokov's Language and World

Samuel Schuman
Hyperlinks, Chiasmus, Vermeer and St. Augustine: Models of Reading Ada

Liana Ashenden
Ada's Erotic Entomology

Kurt Johnson
Recognizing Nabokov's Legacy in Science: Where We Are Today, Where We Go
>From Here


Brian Boyd
Azure Afterthoughts: Reflections on Nabokov's Pale Fire


Gavriel Shapiro: Delicate Markers. Reviewed by Stephen H. Blackwell.

Christine Raguet-Bouvart: Vladimir Nabokov: La Poetique du masque. Reviewed
by Jeff Edmunds.

Maxim D. Shrayer: The World of Nabokov's Stories. Reviewed by Galya Diment.

Stephen H. Blackwell: Zina's Paradox. Reviewed by Paul D. Morris.

Kurt Johnson and Steve Coates: Nabokov's Blues. Reviewed by Robert Dirig.

Dieter E. Zimmer. A Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and Moths 2001. Reviewed
by Brian Boyd.

Brian Boyd: Nabokov's Pale Fire. Reviewed by Charles Nicol.

Julian W. Connolly, editor: Nabokov and his Fiction: New Perspectives.
Reviewed by Michael Wood.

David Andrews: Aestheticism, Nabokov and Lolita. Reviewed by Christian Hunt.

The Centennial Omnibus. Review Essay by Zoran Kuzmanovich.