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NABOKOV BIO by Jane Grayson

EDITORs NOTE. Obtaining Jane Grayson's new VN biography (highly
recommended), just out in the UK, seems to be a matter of some
confusion. I am sending out a couple of further items.
The address for the Amazon UK website is
<> . All the details have been advertised there
for some time, See

Also note the two-volume collection of essays, _Nabokov's World_, ed.
Jane Grayson, Arnold McMillin, Priscilla Meyer (Basingstoke: Palgrave)
due out in December 2001. Below, Mary Belino

Below, Mary Bellino, Associate Editor of NABOKOV STUDIES, offers a
possible source from Canada which might be faster.

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>From Mary Bellino (

My source for new UK releases that aren't readily available is a place
called "British Books at American Prices," on the Web at
The last time I used their service I got the Evelyn Waugh/Nancy Mitford
letters a full year before it was available in the US. If they don't
have the book in stock they can probably get it; in either case you will
pay a little more than the cover price. A less lazy method would be to
contact any Canadian bookselle
r; most UK titles should be obtainable

The Grayson biography sounds very tasty and I'm looking forward to
reading it.

I see that her important book _Nabokov Translated_ seems to be out of
print, or at least is not listed on the Oxford Press USA site; it would
be a great candidate for reissue in either electronic or paperback format.

Kurt Johnson wrote:
RE holiday gift items, it's interesting that this book is not available
[yet?] at UK (, American OR ( Perhaps Nabokov-on-line
could ask if anyone knows how to obtain it. The only
listing at seems to be l used (or review?) copy, offered by
a third party bookseller. I do know that these posting at
those websites do take time (based on when their inventories are
received) but since its Dec. 14, its rather unfortunate.