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Re: "White Widowed Male" (fwd)
From: Suellen Stringer-Hye <>

Yannicke Chupin asked -- Is that a hazardous interpretation?

I don't think so though I wish I'd seen the reference when I was
putting together "The Weed Exiles the Flower, Melville and Nabokov,"
Nabokov Studies, Vol. 5, which would support that interpretation.


<bigger>According to Suzanne Fraysse* (or did somebody mention that before?) there

is also a reference to Melville, The WHITE Widowed mALE in the title. Is

that a hazardous interpretation? Considering the important presence of

Melville and of the hunting theme in Lolita...

yannicke chupin


*Folie et ecriture et Lecture dans l'oeuvre de Vladimir Nabokov

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