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Fw: Nabokovand Frederick Exley's _A Fan's Notes_

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Nabokov is revisited in Exley's sodden sequel to A Fan's Notes, Pages From A Cold Island (1974), which could be subtitled, How To Get A Publisher To Pick Up My Bar Tab, in which Exley brags about having discovered several keys to Pale Fire, which such revelations he conveniently decides not to include in his text.

Ralph Robert Moore


"D. Barton Johnson" wrote:

The late Fred Exley's _A Fan's Notes: A Fictional Memoir_ (1968) is something of a cult novel. Exley was writing in the 60s when VN was omnipresent. Exley's exuberant, if often uncontrolled, prose style has more than a hint of Nabokov's. The narrator's reading and rereading of LOLITA figures in his "fictional memoir" and Chapter e is entitled Onhava Regained and Lost Again and contains allusiions to Pale Fire.

Interested parties can find extracts of VN-related passages in Exley's book at Junan Martinez' Nabokov web page