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Fw: Poe-Nabokov chat
EDITOR'S NOTE. This is a good example of the kind of thing I urged in
yesterday's note.
NABOKV-L thanks Beth Sweeny.

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> Hello Nabokovians,
> Some of you may know that Nabokov's work is only one of my scholarly
interests. Last weekend I attended the second international Poe conference
in Baltimore, where I enjoyed a delightfully Nabokovian conversation with
Nancy Wurzel of Baldwin-Wallace College, who presented a paper on teaching
Poe and Nabokov in tandem, and Elvira Osipova of St. Petersburg University,
who spoke glowingly of last summer's conference at the Vladimir Nabokov
Museum. I suggested that Professor Wurzel share her abstract or syllabus
with other Nabokov scholars.
> Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
> Holy Cross College