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Fw: Fw: Pale/Palm Query
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> I noticed a lot of 'pales' in Pale Fire and found it amusing, but then
> noticed the continuance in Ada, sometimes three 'pales' on two pages,
> with a 'palm' very near one of the 'pales.' Then I glanced through several
> of the short stories online and found Revenge, The Assistant Producer, and
> Wingstroke seasoned with 'pales' and 'palms.' Every time I relax and
> about it, he hits me with high density 'pales' for a few pages. It's
> maddening.
EDNote: T'is curious. Perhaps explicable in part by VN's love of
alliteration. But remember that "Revenge" and "Wingstroke" were written in
Russian where "pale" was probably "Blednyi" and "palm"--"ladon'". Still it
might prove interesting to run a larger co-location search.