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Fw: VN bibliography: Spiritualism: Thomas Berry
VN bibliography: SpiritualismEDITOR's NOTE. Thanks to Carolyn Kunin for this reference. A search of the NABOKV-l Archive will turn up further material on the subject. Mary Bellino is quite knowledgeable about the topic. I touch on it in a recent article on VN and Walter de la Mare.
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Those interested in Nabokov's interest in spiritualism will find the following book very useful: Spiritualism in Tsarist Society and Literature by Thomas E. Berry, published by the Edgar Allan Poe Society, 1985. It was first published serially in The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research (no specifics given) as 'Seances for the Tsars."

The book looks at spiritualism in Russia in the context of native folk beliefs and western influence.

The Table of Contents:

Witchcraft and Superstitions in Russian History
The Reign of Catherine the Great: Spiritualism in the Rational Eighteenth Century
The Reign of Alexander I: Spiritualism in the Royal Court and in Russian Literary Stylization
The Reign of Nicholas I: Censorship and Anagogic Literature
The Reign of Alexander II: Seances in the Winter Palace
The Reign of Alexander III: Spiritualism on a Par with Empirical Reality
The Reign of Nicholas II: Mysticism and Seances in Russian Society and Literature

Of particular interest are the many references to the medium David Home in whom Nabokov expressed a particular interest.