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Fw: Fw: another Nabokov reference in Zadie Smith's _AutographMan_
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dear nicholas,

i keep a list of vn references in fiction in my web site. it's called
nabokovilia, and can be found at

could i put in the _autograph_ bits in? they'll be duly credited to you. let
me know. there's already a zadie page, with excerpts from _white noise_ and
from a short story of hers. it's over at

anyway, thanks for pointing them out. the novel looks pretty neat.



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Subject: another Nabokov reference in Zadie Smith's _Autograph Man_

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lines) ------------------
> "... Alex got on a bus to the Mulberry synagogue and
> sat on the front seats of the top deck enjoying that
> charming childhood illusion that he was flying down
> the street....
> 'HELLO, BEAUTIFUL!' he shouted, sticking his arm out
> of the narrow window and waving at a schoolgirl.
> 'Piss off, Humbert,' she called back, hitching her
> rucksack up her back, the better to give the
> two-fingered salute."
> The Autograph Man, p. 332 (US edition)
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