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VN BIBliography:: book by Mikhail Yakovlevich Dymarsky
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> To all Nabokovians:

I would like to recommend a book
by my former teacher, Professor of the Hertzen
University in S-Petersburg Mikhail Dymarskii. Even
though this book is mostly devoted to the discussion
of such linguistic matter as the "Grammar of Text"
theory (grammatika teksta, problemy
tekstoobrazovania), it contains vast material
regarding Nabokov's writing style. Dymarsky analyzes
many Nabokov's stories (as well as Bunin's, Makanin's,
Tolstoy's, etc.) - particularly, a beautiful view on
The Return of Chorb is offered. Bibliography supplied
by Dymarsky is just amazing - he is familiar with
every book on Nabokov that ever appeared in print (or
at least that's how it seems to me).

Here is a link to the Russian Internet portal "Ozon"
where this book can be purchased (I often buy from
there and can assure that it's rather safe - at least,
I never had any troubles myself):

Margarita Meklina