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Henry James and Nabokov. (fwd)
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The early novel, _The Europeans_ does reverse the theme of 'Innocents
abroad,' bringing a world-weary English couple on the make to Boston. Lolita
as Daisy Miller? Interesting.

Another Henry James model that might be looked at is the vexing _The Sacred
Fount_, another work with a narrator we come to realize is unreliable and
quite possibly delusional.

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> >Did James influence Nabokov in any way that
> >Nabokov would not admit?
> I don't know if Nabokov admitted it, but it seems apparent to me that
> Lolita is (among many other things, of course) a satiric inversion of
> James' trans-Atlantic theme: cynical old Europe debauched by innocent
> young America.
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