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Re: VN & Sherlock; Haze/Blaze (fwd)
From: Susan Elizabeth Sweeney <>

Hello all,

Please forgive me for picking up this thread so late in the game. Subscribers interested in pursuing such metaphysical affinities might also wish to consult a volume that I coedited, Detecting Texts: The Metaphysical Detective Story from Poe to Postmodernism (University of Pennsylvania, 1999), which establishes suggestive connections between Nabokov and his predecessors (Poe, Doyle, Chesterton), as well as his peer (Borges) and various followers. I also explored the relationship between Doyle and Nabokov in an essay entitled "Purloined Letters: Poe, Doyle, Nabokov," which appeared in the 1991 Nabokov issue of Russian Literature Triquarterly, and a subsequent "Postscript" published in the Nabokovian.

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Associate Professor of English
Holy Cross College