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Query: Ada and pangeometry

I don't have ready access to the Nabokovian, so perhaps Boyd has already
explored this topic:

Has anyone explored the theme of Euclidean vs. non-Euclidean geometries
Ada? I think there are interesting references to Lobacevskii and Euclid,
I'm having some trouble teasing them from the text.

Jeff Chiimene

EDITOR's NOTE. I don't recall any specific references to Euclid in VN
criticism although the non-Euclidean Lobachevsky does seem faintly
familiar from the novels. The idea of Euclidean /Non-Euclidean worlds
would seem to be analogic to Terra/Anti-Terra. Certainly worth
exploring. Several scholars, including Vladimir Alexandrov and myself
have toyed with VN's familiarity with various turn of the century
thought systems such as Blavatsky's and others. I discuss some of this
in _Worlds in Regression: Some Novels of Vladimir Nabokov_ in one of the
chapters on LATH. My comments were triggered by the exchanges between
Nabokov and Martin Gardner and his _Ambidextrous Universe_.