NABOKV-L post 0005869, Thu, 29 Mar 2001 10:40:59 -0800

RealAudio files in ZEMBLA: VN reads his poetry
From Jeff Edmunds <>:

ZEMBLA's RealAudio server has been upgraded. The sound files of Nabokov
reading, which some visitors to ZEMBLA had difficulty accessing, should
now be available to all. I say "should" because there is no easy way for
to personally verify that the files are available outside the domain
which my machines are associated. If anyone tries to play the files and
fails, I would appreciate a note. Thanks very much.

EDITOR's NOTE. The VN poetry readings may be found at
<>. Go to this
address and click NEWS. Then click the item called "Nabokov Reads"
(28/3/2001) and skim down the page and select the poem you want. It
works well for me. Fidelity-wise, you have a choice of 28K or 128K. The
28K suffers less from net congestion. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.