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[Fwd: There's a Glory for you!]
Beginning at the next to last line of page 7 of the Vintage
paperback edition of Nabokov's _Glory_ starts 2 sentences
(mostly carried over to page 8) that read, "We could not
improve the [tooth]paste, so we improved the tube. Indeed
the aperture formed a transverse slit, so that the paste,
as it squeezed out, slid out onto the brush ... like a

At first impression this would seem more like one of the ads
in _Lolita_, which have been commented on by Appel in his
_Nabokov's Dark Cinema_ rather than the quite Russian
_Glory_ (see the entry in Appel's index on ads as literary
material, under the heading popular culture).

The difficulty with rereading Nabokov, as I was doing here,
is that one finds obvious things that one has missed before.
I immediately recalled the last line of e e cummings' poem
"POEM, OR BEAUTY HURTS MR VINAL" (caps by Mr cummings!)
which satirizes American ads and slogans:

"comes out like a ribbon lies flat on the brush"

published by 1926. I find no mention of this Mr cummings in
Boyd or elsewhere handy. Comments permitted, thanks.

EDITOR's COMMENT. We all know the Nabokovs home soap was "Pears" but
what was their English toothpaste brand? A challenge for all web search