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Japanese translations of VN
2000 proved to be a vintage year of Nabokov translation in Japan.
The Japanese translation of *The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov I* was
as the 3rd-best translation of 2000 in the *e-Trance* magazine poll of
writers, scholars and critics. *Selected Letters* was the twelfth.
(The best was Richard Power's *Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance* ;
2nd-best was *The Book of Ephraim* by James Merrill).
As a translation from a language other than English,
*The Stories I* was chosen as the best, and *The Defense* the 20th-best.
Yuichi Isahaya, one of the seven translators of *The
Stories I*, wrote an article in the same issue of the magazine,
explaining how the Nabokov scholars from the fields of English and
Literatures collaborated in the translation, which seems to be one of
the reasons why the book garnered the readers's interests.

2001 can be another vintage year of VN translation in Japan.
The first fruit is the revised translation of *Bend Sinister* by Mitsuya
Kato published by Misuzushobo in February 2001. His translation and
afterword was originally published in 1976.