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Bibliography of Russian Naboov criticism (Martynov)
EDITOR's NOTE. The item below is an invaluable research guide to the
enormous amount of Nabokov criticism that has, especially since the VN
centenary, appeared in Russia. The press run was small and the volume is
already a rarity. The dealer below (ANNI) reports that there is a
possibility that they can still obtain a very small number of copies. If
you are interested, their address is below.
From: "ANNI" <>

Dear Nabokovians,

those who could be interested in the following below edition, please,

The Russian Academy of Sciences and the Nabokov Foundation:
Martynov, G.G. "V.V. Nabokov: Bibliographicheskii Ukazatel'" ("V.V.
Nabokov: Bibliography Guide"), published by "Folio-Press", St.
2001, in Russian, 496 pages, illustrated with Nabokov's drawings, hard
cover 22x14 cm in size. The run is 700 copies.
Foreword by Martynov, G.G., introductory article by Stark, V.P.. The
covers Russian Language publications in the USSR, Russia, states of the
and the Baltic states and is the first Russian complete list of
Condition: new.
Payment method is a US dollar cheque mailed via Registered mail to the
address in the United States.

Sincerely, Nina Razygrina.