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Morris Bishop
EDITOR's Note. Morris Bishop has been described as VN's best friend at
Cornell where B. was instrumental in hiring VN. In addition to being a
scholar, he was a frequent contributor of light verse to the New Yorker.
I suspect Bishop himself wrote the blurb below which is most Nabokovian.
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From: Kiran Krishna <>

This does not strictly concern VN, but it is worth sharing anyway. I
found these wonderful paragraphs, written by Morris Bishop, apparently
from the dustjacket of *A Bowl of Bishop*:

Mr. Bishop's thought is sometimes baffling, hermetic, obscure. It
indeed, toward the annihilation of all thought. His *style* is often
characterised as brittle, salty, and astringent, like a pretzel. In
to express his difficult philosophy, he has been obliged to use *words*.
Many of these are remarkable, full of shadings, nuances, and
The author is a partisan of pure *form*. One will note particularly his
sensitive treatment of diphthongs.
Mr. Bishop's *influence* has been negligible.

I found this in *The Best of Bishop* ed. Charlotte Putnam Reppert, a
collection of Bishop's light verse, which I recommend.


"It is impossible, by the way, by picking up one of anything to pick one
that is not atypical in some sense."
- R.P. Feynman, The Character of Physical Law