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[Fwd: VN Bibliography: Dar II; Sinev; Maslov]

The long anticipated "Dar II" ["Father's Butterflies"] materials
appeared in _Zvezda_ 2001 No. 1, with an introduction by Brian Boyd,
publication by Alexander Dolinin ("Vtoroe dobavlenie k _Daru_," 85-109);
the text is followed by a piece by Sergei Sinev, who is the lead partner
("sotrudnik") at the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of
Sciences ("O vtorom dobavlenii k _Daru_", 110-111).

Also about Dar/Gift:

Maslov, Boris. "Poet Koncheev: opyt tekstologii personazha." _Novoe
literaturnoe obozrenie_ 47. 1'2001: 172-186.