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> This message was originally submitted by SarahFunke@AOL.COM . Sarah Funke is
> the editor of the elegant volume_VERA's BUTTERFLIES. First Editions inscribed by
> VN to his wife_.
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> Re Barbara Blooms stamps:
> Yes, Barbara Bloom designed a set of stamps in lieu of an exhibition
> catalogue for the VN installation she created in our gallery to celebrate the
> centennial. There are eight different sheets, each with 21 different stamps,
> with one theme per sheet: photos of VN reading and writing, butterfly
> inscriptions to his wife, annotations in his books, Lolita jackets (some
> designed by Bloom herself), Blues pinned and labeled by VN at Cornell,
> "butterfly labels" documenting the "discovery" of various VN characters, his
> annotations in his copy of Ada, and photos of Vyra manipulated in various
> ways to mimic the defects of memory.
> The stamps are available through our gallery, with a discount to listserv
> members. Please contact me directly.
> Best wishes,
> Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Inc
> 19 East 76th Street
> NYC 10021
> PS: Barbara's latest installation, "Broken" is definitely worth seeing for
> anyone in the city.