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[Fwd: GRANTS- Kennan Institute Short-term Grants (DEADLINE: June
1, 2001); no citizenship requirement (fwd)]
EDITOR's NOTE. I call this to the atttention of over-seas Nabokov scholars. The
Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, just a few blocks from the
Kennan Institute holds oneof the best Nabokov archives. Access to much of the
Nabokov material requires permission from Dmitri Nabokov.

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> Subject: GRANTS- Kennan Institute Short-term Grants (DEADLINE: June 1,
> 2001); no citizenship requirement
> From: "Jennifer Giglio" <giglioje@WWIC.SI.EDU>
> GRANTS- Kennan Institute Short-term Grants
> KENNAN INSTITUTE SHORT-TERM GRANTS (up to one months' duration)
> DEADLINE: June 1, 2001
> The Kennan Institute offers Short-term Grants to scholars whose research in
> the social sciences or humanities focuses on the former Soviet Union, and
> who demonstrate a particular need to utilize the library, archival, and
> other specialized resources of the Washington, D.C., area. Academic
> participants must either possess a doctoral degree or be doctoral candidates
> who have nearly completed their dissertations. For non-academics, an
> equivalent degree of professional achievement is expected.
> Short-term Grants provide a stipend of $100 per day. There is no official
> application form for short-term grants. The applicant is requested to submit
> a concise description (700-800 words) of his or her research project, a
> curriculum vitae, a statement on preferred dates of residence in
> Washington, D.C., and two letters of recommendation specifically in support
> of the research to be conducted at the Institute. All of these materials may
> be submitted via e-mail except for the letters of recommendation. The
> letters should be sent with signatures either by fax or by post. Applicants
> should also note their citizenship or permanent residency status in their
> materials. Applications should be submitted in clear dark type, printed on
> one side only, without staples.
> Grant recipients are required to be in residence in Washington, D.C., for
> the duration of their grant. Four rounds of competitive selection for
> Short-term Grants are held each year. Closing dates are December 1, March 1,
> June 1, and September 1. Applicants are notified of the competition results
> roughly six weeks after the closing date. U.S. citizens, permanent
> residents, and non-Americans are eligible for Short-term Grants, although
> funding for non-American applicants is limited. Approximately one in three
> American applicants and one in six non-American applicants are awarded
> Short-term Grants in each of the four competition rounds.
> The Short-term Grant Program is supported by the Russian, Eurasian, and East
> European Research and Training Program of the U.S. Department of State
> (Title VIII) and the Kennan Institute endowment. Continuation of the
> Short-term Grant Program in 2002-2003 is contingent on future funding.
> Please send all application materials to: The Kennan Institute, One Woodrow
> Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20004-3027. For
> more information, please contact Jennifer Giglio via e-mail at
>, call (202) 691-4246, or fax (202) 691-4247.
> Jennifer Giglio
> Program Assistant
> Kennan Institute
> Woodrow Wilson Center
> One Woodrow Wilson Plaza
> 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
> Washington, DC 20004-3027
> 202-691-4246
> 202-691-4247 (fax)
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