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Course Description for NABOKOV 101 at St. Petersburg Nabokov
EDITOR'S NOTE. The summer course sponsored by the St. Petersburg Nabokov
Museum (housed in the old Nabokov home) still has some openings. The
deadline for applications is June 15, 2001). The instructors are Prof.
Alexander Dolinin, the leading Russian Nabokov scholar and myself. The
fees are quite reasonable although trans-Atlantic flights in July-August
tend to be high. Look into student flight deals on the various
airlines. Instruction & readings in English.
Nabokov 101
International Summer School for Nabokov Students

August 2-12, 2001

On August 2-12, 2001, the Nabokov Museum in St.Petersburg will hold its
second International Summer School for Nabokov students. This year▓s
Nabokov 101, as the program is called, follows last year▓s successful
pilot seminar. It will be conducted at the Nabokov Museum which is
located at 47 Bolshaya Morskaya Street in St.Petersburg, the place
Vladimir Nabokov described as ⌠the only house in the world■.
The purpose of the Nabokov Summer School is to provide students from all
over the world with the opportunity to study various aspects Vladimir
Nabokov▓s art with internationally known Nabokov scholars. The
atmosphere of the Nabokov House, which appears in many of Nabokov novels
and is lovingly described in ⌠Speak, Memory■, turns these scholarly
sessions into an unforgettable personal experience for both students and

LANGUAGE English is the main language of the program. All classes and
guided tours will be conducted in English.

TUITION Students are required to pay their own tuition, travel costs,
and living expenses (food and lodging). Program costs may vary from year
to year. In 2001, the Nabokov 101 tuition will be $400, which will cover
participation in seminars, coffee-breaks, handouts, and the arrangement
of individual research at local libraries and in archives. All students
will be able to use museum computers and to have Internet access at the
Nabokov Museum. They can also borrow books from the museum library.

GRADES AND CERTIFICATES After completing the program, the students will
receive a Nabokov 101 Certificate and, if required, a personal letter of
recommendation from the professor. Although the Nabokov Summer School
plans to adopt the international accreditation system, students in the
program will not receive grads or credits.

FACULTY Donald Barton Johnson, Professor Emeritus in Slavic Literature
at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Alexander Dolinin,
Associate Professor of Russian Literature at the University of
Wisconsin, Madison, and Research Fellow at the Pushkin House of the
Russian Academy of Sciences in St.Petersburg will conduct the Nabokov
102 seminars this year. Both are outstanding Nabokov scholars. Prof.
Johnson▓s contribution to the field of Nabokov studies includes Worlds
in Regression: Some Novels of Vladimir Nabokov (Ardis, 1985) and
numerous articles on Nabokov and other Russian modernist writers. He was
the founding editor of Nabokov Studies, and is now editor of the Nabokov
Internet discussion list, Nabokv-L. Prof. Dolinin is the author of a
great number of works about Nabokov, including introductions and
commentaries to many volumes in the 10-volume Collected Works of
Vladimir Nabokov published by Symposium in St.Petersburg in 1997-2001.
Prof. Dolinin is also Associate General Editor in charge of the Russian
works for the Pleiade Nabokov.

TIME AND CURRICULUM Students are expected to arrive in St.Petersburg on
August 2. Seminars will begin on August 3 (Friday) and continue through
August 11 (Saturday). There will be 8 days of seminars in all, with two
1 ? hour seminars every day. In addition, guided walking tours of
Nabokov sites and other literary points of interest in St.Petersburg,
trips to museums and galleries, and other sightseeing activities will be
offered every day. On Sunday, August 5, students and teachers will have
a chance to go on a day-long guided tour to the Nabokov Estates in the
Gatchina Region near St.Petersburg.
The curriculum will include lectures and seminars on various Nabokov
subjects, with a strong emphasis on applying modern methods of literary
criticism to the study of Nabokov▓s work. Close reading of Nabokov▓s
novels and short stories, commented upon by the teacher and students
together, will be another important element of the curriculum. Students
may also pursue independent research in the field of Nabokov studies at
the National Public Library and in St.Petersburg archives.

9:30-10:00 Students gather at the Nabokov Museum.
10:00-11:30 Prof. Johnson▓s seminar.
11:30-12:00 Coffee-break
12:00-13:30 Prof. Dolinin▓s seminar.
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-18:00 Guided tour (optional). Work at the library, homework,
individual research.
The general theme of Prof. Johnson▓s seminar will be ⌠How to Read
Nabokov■. The seminar topics of the class will include:
Lecture 1 - Alphabetic Rainbows in Speak, Memory/Drugie berega
2.- Nabokov and Captain Mayne Reid (Drugie berega)
3. - Alphabetic Icons in Invitation to a Beheading
4. - That Butterfly in Nabokov's The Eye
5. - The Labyrinth of Incest in Ada
6. - The Scrabble Game in Ada, or Taking Nabokov Clitorally.

7. - Nabokov as Gnostic Seeker
8. - Topics for New Research in Nabokov Studies

Prof. Dolinin▓s seminar will focus on close reading of Nabokov▓s
Russian novels (in English translation).

The 2001 Summer Nabokov 101 program includes the following costs:

International travel costs ┘
Russian visa invitation and visa processing $20
Medical insurance (to be obtained
in home country) ┘
Accommodation in St.Petersburg for 10 days
Dormitory or private pension $15 a day
Hotel *** $10-60 a day
Meals (3 times a day for 10 days) $50-90 total
Tour services (optional, the cost includes museum tickets
prices, bus tours, etc.) approx. $3-10 per tour
Tuition $ 400

The program coordinator in St.Petersburg will calculate program costs
for each student after discussing his or her individual needs and
requirements via e-mail. Students can obtain a list of guided tours
(with costs), an exact day-by-day schedule of the Nabokov 101 Summer
School, and more detailed information about curriculum, accommodations,
and other arrangements from the program coordinator. After applying,
each student will be automatically included in the program▓s mailing
list and receive information and updates about the program on a regular
basis by e-mail.

Students can apply by writing an e-mail to the Nabokov 101 program
coordinator in St.Petersburg, Russia. When applying, please give us your
name, age, name and address of the college or university where you are
currently enrolled. We would like to know whether you are a graduate or
undergraduate student, how many years you have dedicated to Nabokov
studies, the area of your scholarly interests, and on what Nabokov or
other literary project you are currently working.

All applicants are required to make a non-refundable $100 tuition
deposit no later than May 31, 2001. The balance of the payment can be
made in cash or in traveler▓s checks on student▓s arrival in
St.Petersburg. (No personal checks or credit cards, please).

Pre-payment can be made to the Nabokov Museum▓s international account.
The Nabokov 101 program coordinator will provide each applicant with
information on how to make a pre-payment after receiving his or her

CONTACT INFO Prospective applicants should contact Ms. Tatiana
Ponomaryova, the Nabokov 101 program coordinator at the St.Petersburg
Nabokov Museum. E-mail: Tel/fax:
7(812)315-47-13. Mailing address: Nabokov Museum, 47 Bolshaya Morskaya
St., St.Petersburg, 190000, Russia.